5ber eSIM review: Let you enjoy the convenience of eSIM

What is 5ber eSIM

The 5ber.eSIM card looks the same as a traditional SIM card and can also be inserted into a standard SIM card slot. However, it incorporates eSIM technology, giving it functions that ordinary SIM cards do not have. Each card has a unique EID identifier. By installing the 5ber.eSIM card into the SIM card slot, your device can support eSIM functionality. With 5ber.eSIM, you can use any Android device and network service of any operator of your choice globally, supporting up to 15 eSIM profiles at the same time.

5ber eSIM Advantages

Experience eSIM technology: 5ber eSIM allows users to easily add an app to a SIM card to give their mobile phone the eSIM function, eliminating the trouble of carrying multiple physical SIM cards.

Best eSIM choice: Through the 5ber app, users can purchase eSIM providers with the best prices in different countries/regions, realizing a true global roaming solution.

Manage multiple eSIMs: One card has multiple uses, making it convenient for users to mark and switch between different eSIMs, improving usage efficiency.

Quickly switch devices: 5ber eSIM supports cross-device use at no additional cost, simplifying the user’s operation process.

Product version comparison

  • Standard version: priced at US$12, provides 2 free downloads, is suitable for no more than 20 eSIM downloads, and is suitable for short-term or light users.
  • Premium version: Priced at $25, it provides unlimited downloads and is suitable for heavy users who need to frequently change or manage multiple eSIMs.

It is strongly recommended that everyone buy the premium version. You have free times Unlimited Download the eSIM card.

5ber eSIM purchase tutorial

1. Log in to the official website of 5ber esim and select your preferred language in the upper right corner.

2. In My Account in the upper right corner, log in to your account. You only need to enter your email address and receive the verification code to log in.

3. Click Buy Now, select the desired package, and click Checkout.

4. Enter the delivery information and select the payment method to pay.

5ber eSIM usage tutorial

Insert the 5ber eSIM card: Insert the 5ber eSIM card into the SIM card slot supported by the device.

Download and install the 5ber eSIM app: Follow the instructions to download the 5ber eSIM app and complete the installation.

Activate and download eSIM: Open the 5ber eSIM app, scan the eSIM QR code to activate, and download the eSIM you need.

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