Google Ads content targeting feature update (to be implemented in March 2023)

Content Targeting Updates 2

Google recently said that the content targeting feature of Google Ads will be updated starting in March 2022. Google Ads content targeting is now divided into three categories: topics, placements, and keywords. Google has consolidated the three existing content targeting approaches into a single, integrated targeting approach.

Topics, placements, and keywords could be targeted separately, and if we used different ways to target, the system would eventually use the intersection form to target our ads. For example, if I set targeting in the topic and then set targeting in placement, the system will use the intersection of these two settings to decide which ads to target. When ads are placed this way, they reach a smaller audience, which hurts how well they work.

To target our ads in the future, we will use a combination of topic, placement, and keyword targeting. That is, our ads will be displayed as long as they match one of our targeting criteria. For example, if I set a targeting on topic and then a targeting on placement, the ad will appear in both of the targetings we set, not just one of them.

With the new method of content targeting, our ads can reach more possible customers and are easier to set up.

As shown in the figure below, content targeting is reported with topic, placement, and keyword targeting independently.

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The new content targeting report will combine topics, placements, and keywords into a single report, just like audience targeting reports do now.

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You can find more information on Google’s Help Center at:

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