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Namesilo Domain Name Registration Purchase And Resolution

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Namesilo: A Basic Introduction

NameSilo is known as the most affordable domain name registrar. There are less than 12 registrars in the world with more than 4 million active domains, making it one of the fastest-growing registrars in the world. One of them is NameSilo. You don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice because the user’s choice is the best proof.

On NameSilo, the majority domain names cost $10.95 per year. When you enter the coupon code “beecommercer“ at checkout, you will receive a $1 discount, allowing you to use a domain name for $9.95 for one year.

You can purchase NameSilo from the official website by clicking on the following link:

You can also get free privacy protection for all domain names, which means that the domain name you register with NameSilo comes with free privacy protection, ensuring that others do not obtain the domain owner’s personal information and preventing spam and advertising harassment. Other domain name registrars may charge separately for privacy protection.

Furthermore, registering a domain name with NameSilo provides the following benefits:

Domain defender protection

DNS management

Email forwarding

Custom WHOIS records

On their website, NameSilo provides a great price comparison tool to help you see how they compare to the competition. All you have to do is decide how many domains to purchase and how long to register them for. The tool then displays these prices automatically.

NameSilo is also very cost-effective when compared to other domain name service providers.

Namesilo Coupon Code:beecommercer)

No matter how many domains you have in your account, domain renewals from NameSilo are $10.95. domain name renewal price is $10.95, which is less than many domain name registrars’ first-year preferential price. 

Namesilo Domain Name Purchase Tutorial

1. First, go to Namesilo’s official website, enter the domain name you want to buy in the domain name search box, and click the Search button on the right. We can also see the prices of different domain name suffixes below the search bar, and it is recommended that we buy an domain name. After you’ve decided on a domain name, click the Add button on the right.

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2. Continue with the purchase by clicking checkout.


3. At this point, click the Continue button to proceed to the next interface. If you have already registered a domain name with Namesilo, you can just type in your user name and password and click “Login” to get in. To create an account as a new user, enter the user name, email address, and password.

4. Enter “beecommercer” in the promotion code field to receive a $1 discount. Because the following is my own discount code, the discount is not visible, but it will be reduced by $1.

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5. After you’ve created an account, proceed to the payment page. Namesilo accepts a wide range of payment methods, which is extremely convenient.


6. The purchase of a domain name is completed once payment is received.

Domain Name Resolution Tutorial

If you already have a Namesilo account, sign in and select Manage My Domains.

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To change the address of the domain name server, click the blue little globe to manage DNS, select the domain name, and change nameservers at the top. We simply enter the server’s required address. Bluehost’s domain name server address is shown in the screenshot. If we add the domain name to Bluehost, Bluehost will take care of all the other settings.

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Then we just have to wait for the domain name to resolve. It is possible that the resolution will take some time.

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