Are You Aware of Google Ads’ New Policy “Get-to-Know-You Period”? – Google Ads Policy Announcement on August 31, 2023

Are You Aware Of Google Ads New Policy Get To Know You Period

Google has implemented a new advertising policy aimed at increasing the transparency and clarity of advertisements. This policy is intended to decrease the possibility of fraud and to avoid the display of confusing or misleading advertisements. This policy states that advertisers that are new to Google will go through a “get-to-know-you period,” during which their ad displays may be reduced. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that users understand who they are interacting with when they interact with advertisements.

1. New “Get-to-Know-You Period”: Advertisers that are new to Google will go through a “get-to-know-you period.” Their ad displays may be reduced during this period. This means that new or lesser-known Google advertisers may see a decline in ad displays for a period of time.

2. Clarity in Brand Relationship: This guideline will be implemented first for marketers who promote certain brands through ad campaigns. Google will enforce this guideline if the relationship between the advertiser and the brand mentioned in the ad is unclear. Advertisers must explicitly indicate their link with the promoted brand in their advertisements.

3. Ad Clarity Tips: To help advertisers create clearer advertising, Google recommends anchoring the domain name in the ad title, especially if the promoted brand is not well-known on the internet.

4. Advertiser Reputation: When assessing an advertiser’s reputation on its platform, Google will take into account a variety of factors, including user feedback on ads, the advertiser’s compliance record with Google’s ad policies, and completion of the Google advertiser identity verification process.

5. Notifications and assistance: Google will let advertisers know who this policy will have a significant impact on and will offer assistance to help them meet the new compliance requirements.

From the standpoint of advertisers, this new policy prioritizes ad transparency and clarity while imposing some limits on new advertisers. To prevent unfavorable consequences from this regulation, advertisers must ensure that their ad content, brand relationship, and identity are clear and transparent.

Limited ad serving

Google has limited the number of displays for ads that may mislead or impair the user experience in order to safeguard the integrity of the advertising ecosystem and improve the user experience. To overcome this limitation, advertisers must ensure clear ad content, define their affiliation with the brand, and adhere to Google’s advertising regulations.

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Complaints and feedback on Google Ads

Google Ads offers a dedicated channel for consumers to express complaints and feedback regarding inappropriate ads and product functionality concerns, with the goal of ensuring the health of the advertising ecosystem and increasing user satisfaction.

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