How to Legally Rent a US Address – Anytime Mailbox is a Great Option

Anytime Mailbox是不错的选择

Anytime Mailbox offers a service where you can rent a US address, with almost 2,000 locations to choose from, starting at just $5.99 per month. While there are other US address rental services out there, what sets Anytime Mailbox apart is its franchise model, which allows it to provide a vast number of address options. This minimizes the chances of sharing the same address with others and reduces the risk of address association. This is a competitive edge that other providers simply can’t match.

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Uses of Renting a US Address

When you need to conduct business or shop in the US, renting a US address can assist in several ways:

1. For Credit Cards and Bank Accounts Requiring a Genuine US Address: If you want to apply for a legitimate US credit card or bank account, you need to provide a genuine US address. Renting one can facilitate this, supporting your business needs.

2. Receiving a Google Adsense PIN: For those earning money with Google Adsense, the platform verifies your identity by sending a PIN to your address. Renting a US address can help you receive this mail and successfully complete the verification process.

3. International Shopping: Some US shopping websites are strict about address requirements and often decline orders shipped to typical forwarding warehouse addresses. Renting a non-warehouse address can solve this problem, allowing you to enjoy the shopping experience.

4. Receiving Checks: Some cashback or affiliate marketing websites pay via check. If you have a US bank account, a rented US address can help you receive the checks and deposit them.

5. Receiving IRS Correspondence: Some individuals must obtain an EIN or ITIN. Renting an address can facilitate the receipt of relevant correspondence. The EIN or ITIN confirmation letter can also serve as credible proof of a US address.

6. Registering a US Company: In theory, one can use a rented address to register a US company. However, the process is intricate, requiring various proof documents like utility bills. This would require deeper research on your part.

7. Other Purposes: There are numerous other uses for renting a US address, depending on your specific needs. For instance, you might need a US address to receive international shipments or mail or to apply for certain specific services.

Legality of Renting a US Address

Renting a US address is not illegal in and of itself. However, its legality depends on the purpose and manner in which you use the rented address. In certain cases, it might be considered fraudulent or a violation of trademark or copyright laws. For instance, if you use the rented address to register fake accounts or for deceptive practices, such activities are illegal. Furthermore, one must also comply with US tax regulations when using a rented address. If you use the rented address for business activities or to receive income, you might be obligated to pay income tax to the US government.

If you’re looking to rent a US address, it’s recommended to opt for a reputable company to ensure that the address provided is genuine, legal, and usable.

Anytime Mailbox offers a service known as CMRA, which is entirely legal in the US as long as the rented address isn’t used for unlawful purposes.

The US Postal Service has approved CMRA, which stands for Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, as a service provider. They offer services such as virtual offices and mail forwarding.

A CMRA typically offers virtual business address services, which is a virtual commercial address you can use for registering companies, bank accounts, credit cards, and other business-related purposes. With MRA’s virtual business address service, you receive an actual US business address where you can accept mail and packages, including letters, checks, contracts, product samples, and more.

Furthermore, a CMRA can also offer mail forwarding services, meaning that mail received at your virtual business address can be forwarded to your country or another region. This service is convenient for those engaging in cross-border shopping or business activities in the US. They can register a virtual business address with a CMRA and have products or business-related documents shipped to this address, which the CMRA then forwards.

It’s worth noting that using a CMRA service doesn’t require you to have an actual office or employees in the US. It’s a flexible service suitable for individuals, small businesses, and companies needing flexible business addresses and mail forwarding services.

Anytime Mailbox Introduction

Services Offered by Anytime Mailbox

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1. Virtual Mail Management: Users can view scans of their mail and packages online, decide what they want to do with each item (e.g., open and scan, forward, shred, or discard), and then instruct Anytime Mailbox accordingly.

2. Mail Forwarding: Anytime Mailbox can forward mail and packages to any location worldwide, allowing users to receive their important mail no matter where they are.

3. Mail Scanning: For users who want to view the contents of their mail without having the physical mail forwarded to them, Anytime Mailbox can open and scan the mail, making the content available online.

4. Package Receipt: Beyond just letters, Anytime Mailbox locations can also accept packages on behalf of users from any courier, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others.

5. Check Deposit: Some locations offer a service where they can deposit checks on behalf of the user, making it convenient for those who receive checks but can’t easily deposit them in a US bank.

6. Permanent Street Address: Users get a real street address, not just a P.O. Box, which can be used for business registration, receiving mail and packages, and other official purposes.

7. Secure Shredding: For mail that users don’t want to keep or forward, Anytime Mailbox can securely shred and dispose of the items to ensure privacy.

8. Storage: Mail and packages can be stored for a set period, providing flexibility for users who may not want their items forwarded immediately.

The wide array of services offered by Anytime Mailbox, combined with their extensive network of locations, makes it a preferred choice for many looking for virtual mailbox solutions. Whether for personal use, travel, business, or relocation, the service meets various needs for those wanting a physical presence in the US without the constraints of traditional mailboxes.

Packages provided by Anytime Mailbox

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The packages provided by Anytime Mailbox vary, and it’s essential to confirm based on the selected address. The primary differences are the minimum monthly cost, the number of free inclusions, and the charges for additional services. Choose based on your actual needs.

For payment of services, Anytime Mailbox offers both monthly and annual payment options. The annual payment usually comes with some discounts compared to the monthly payment. However, it’s recommended to choose monthly payments when starting out, as it may take some time to assess the reliability of the address service and the attitude of the franchisee. After confirming these details, you can consider switching to an annual payment.

Anytime Mailbox Address Selection

In principle, the addresses provided by Anytime Mailbox need to be registered with CMRA, and most of them are commercial addresses. If we want to use this address to apply for a U.S. credit card, it’s best to rent a residential address that hasn’t been registered with CMRA yet. Addresses not registered with CMRA are usually new or less frequently used. If more people start using it later, it might get registered with CMRA, so it’s best to rent it early. It’s easy to distinguish between residential and commercial addresses; a residential address generally won’t change to a commercial one. Some commercial addresses are franchises of many courier stations, so be careful when selecting.

How can we choose the right U.S. address? Here are two websites for reference:

Next, let me demonstrate how to operate.

First, visit Anytime Mailbox using the following link:

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Select the desired address from “Locations”, for example, I’ll choose California. 

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California offers many address options to choose from, and I’ll select the first one.

Image 114

After clicking on it, we can see the detailed address, except for the mailbox number. 

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Visit: and enter the address information into the website.

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Then, click on “Find”, and the information we requested will be displayed.

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We can see that this address is registered with CMRA.

For the second step, visit: and enter the address information.

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Then, click on “View Results”, and the search results will be displayed.

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Scroll down, and we can see the detailed information. We should pay attention to the RDI and CMRA details. From here, we can determine that it’s a business address registered with CMRA.

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We can also click on the “View larger map” option from Google Maps to view the actual street view and determine if it’s the address we’re looking for.

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In summary, this is how to find a suitable US address. Ideally, it’s best to find a residential address that isn’t registered with CMRA. This requires a bit of searching on our part. If we can’t find one, then we should look for an address where the Google Street View displays a relatively normal-looking building. 

Anytime Mailbox Registration

Once you have selected the address, you can proceed with the registration process. There are some details to pay attention to, which are highlighted below.

1. Choose the package you want to purchase and click “SELECT”. 

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2. For “Mailbox”, you can choose a number you prefer; it’s not a significant concern. For “First Name”, fill in the pinyin (romanized version) of your given name from your ID card. For “Last Name”, fill in the pinyin of your surname from the ID card. It’s crucial to fill these out accurately, as they will be needed for notarization later on. “Company Name” is optional. 

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3. For “Country of Residence,” select the country listed on your ID card, such as China. For “Your Current Address,” fill in the address as it appears on your ID card, using either pinyin or English. This information must be consistent with the verification details provided later on.

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For the subsequent steps, simply follow the instructions provided. Once completed, the mailbox cannot be used immediately. As per U.S. regulations, the mailbox address requires Form 1583 notarization before it can be used. For notarizing Form 1583, I suggest everyone to directly search for related services on Fiverr. It’s more convenient and there are services in Chinese. If you need a recommendation from service providers I’ve previously used, feel free to private message me.

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