Free Business Email(Cloudflare Gmail)

Gmail And Cloudflare

Cloudflare Gmail can help you use business email for free. If you want a free business email but don’t want to log in to another email website or download another email app, today’s method might be for you.

Cloudflare is a world-leading Internet security and performance company. It gives businesses and websites DDoS protection, web application firewalls, content distribution networks, and other cloud security solutions, as well as tools to improve performance, such as intelligent routing, caching, and network load balancing. Cloudflare currently has over 2.5 million paid and free users in over 200 countries and regions around the world. More than 200 global edge nodes support its services, allowing it to reliably and quickly serve users by routing traffic to the closest server. 

Cloudflare Domain Name Resolution

If you want to use Cloudflare’s services, first you need to host your domain with Cloudflare. Click here to learn how to point NameSilo’s domain to Cloudflare. If Cloudflare is already hosting your domain name, you can skip this step.

NameSilo‘s domain name resolution to Cloudflare is very popular right now, primarily because it can improve DNS resolution speed and website security. More importantly, Cloudflare offers a free plan that we can use. In general, we are satisfied with the free package. NameSilo and NameCheap are the domain name service providers recommended here, primarily because they are less expensive and easier to use. The first-year fee for NameCheap will be lower, while the renewal fee for NameSilo will remain the same. You can make a decision based on the circumstances. We can use Cloudflare to host the domain name after purchasing it. Click here to learn how to purchase a domain name through NameSilo.

Configuring Cloudflare Email Routing

1. Sign in to your Cloudflare account and choose the domain name you want to use. Select Email, then Email Routing, on the left. Follow the prompts to set related records, then click “Add records and enable,” and the system will add related records automatically.

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Configure Gmail

1. Obtain the Google account’s exclusive application password.

After logging in to your Google account and opening the link below in a new browser window, you can obtain a new exclusive application password on the Google application password configuration page. As shown in the image below, I typed “beecomercer” to remember the new application password. Remember to save the password once you’ve obtained it.

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2. Navigate to Gmail Settings > Accounts and Import, and then click “Add a new email address,” as shown in the figure below.

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3. When you click to add a new>email address, the “Add aw” pop-up appears. Please fill in the mailbox name carefully because it will be used as the default name for future emails and will be displayed externally. Please configure the prefix domain name email address in Cloudflare ahead of time to ensure that you can receive emails.

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4. For SMTP, you need to fill in; for the port, keep the default; for username, fill in the original Gmail username, that is, the information except in the email address; for password, you need to use the exclusive password obtained in step 1 App password.

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5. If the above information is correct, proceed to the next page, and Gmail will send you an email. Simply enter the corresponding verification code. When the configuration is finished, you can customize the mailbox when sending emails. In your Gmail settings, you can also make this email address the default sending address.

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