How to Point NameSilo Domain to SiteGround


Do you know how to resolve a domain from NameSilo to SiteGround? This NameSilo Domain Resolve to SiteGround tutorial will help you. After you buy a domain name through Namesilo, we log into Siteground’s web hosting backend and add the domain name you bought. Go to the Website tab and click on “New Website.”

Namesilo Domain Resolve To Siteground

Then, select the second one, Existing Domain, and enter your purchased domain name in the box below.

Rdqy2P2Rc3F24Fqiaqkgmlxnv1Yhrvf1Doownir7Pkazp9 Kxmuzjrzeprqe3Dxvy4Irz22Okav9Mzhxwg23Y96 Q3Auljwumiuzn13Hqn3Yxgak7Yik26Uil3Rl4Cfmjrxgbaaa3Sw6Tgwbm N7Fh0

Fill in the domain name correctly and click Continue. The following box will appear in the prompt; ignore it and click Continue once more.

When the image below appears, click “Start New Website.”


Next, select WordPress to install.

Finally, create an account password for logging into the backend of your website. Most of the time, the account is created using Info’s email address. You make the password and should remember it so you can get into the website’s backend.

Fill in the site login email and password, then click “Continue.” The site scanner will appear first; ignore it and then click Finish.

Click Finish and wait for the You Are All Set! page to appear, indicating that you have successfully installed WordPress. To finish the domain name resolution process, the last step is to change the DNS server address.

Crcpu3Tfqvn8Oef M8Ff441Y3Mrthmgto5Xcsuaohuifdceggufoydkxpgtfemzvzr9Dluqtge6Hfdcxi2Ssya0Arq Xkb Yiemwt9I7Cuf38 Fdna1Dnvgszhhjcqd Ld7V3D8Hop7Zijwwg4Bjlo

The second step is to change the DNS server address of the Namesille domain name to the Siteground DNS server address. This step must be completed on Namesilo’s backend. Log in to Namesilo’s backend, click on “Account Domain,” and enter the domain name to be resolved.

Lsvzf93X1Jw1B Wnjpad4I M20D 3R0Enjru5Sw5Zahd7Kyagzuojvfhvo Hyatp1Xcrj17Hnwr35Igah9Xmdqudzlpomtq3R4Zbutnxcjgujnzm5Dvg53Xz5E6Phnvq77Gj6E Vk5Mrpg1Jyfflk4W

Then, select the domain name for which you want to change the DNS servers and click Change Name Servers above.

L8Hd Zi0Ic1Bujc7T8Owwaypophmc3Jph1Llxmi0Tkipl5Wmgftbehgjr0Crrzbas2Jscvwvbaf9Aypd3Ox5Ydfwpevjaoq 2Mg8Hbzhxafxdglnu6Svnlam8O

Siteground’s first two DNS addresses should be changed by taking off the third DNS server address.

7Oafe4Tmavx8S7Jqi3Tn8Iiguq32Jpuq7U2G6Mabwnk2Ctgz1Ublw2D7Qdhbzg6Dolx7Okcl 4Jheahi8Vqm Grtkgs5Cj4Zpobg

Then, after a few moments, click “Submit” and refresh the page to see that the corresponding domain name has been changed to SiteGround’s DNS servers, indicating that Namesilo domain name resolution is complete.

Step 3: Verify that the Namesilo domain name resolution was successful. Check the website’s front end to see if it can be opened, or enter your domain name directly into the browser; if it can be opened, the domain name resolution was successful.

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