Connect Your Namesilo Domain to Cloudflare

Namesilo And Cloudflare

The way that NameSilo resolves to Cloudflare is very popular right now, primarily because it can improve DNS resolution speed and website security. More importantly, Cloudflare offers a free plan that we can use. In general, we are satisfied with the free package. NameSilo and NameCheap are the domain name service providers recommended here, primarily because they are less expensive and easier to use. The first-year fee for NameCheap will be lower, while the renewal fee for NameSilo will remain the same. You can make a decision based on the circumstances. We can use Cloudflare to host the domain name after purchasing it. Click here to learn how to purchase a domain name through NameSilo.

Introduction to Cloudflare

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Cloudflare is a web security, performance, and reliability service provider. Its services include content distribution network (CDN), DDoS attack protection, web application firewall, SSL certificate, domain name resolution, and more. All of these are meant to help customers protect and speed up their websites, applications, and APIs.

Cloudflare’s CDN service can cache the customer’s website content and distribute it to servers around the world, allowing the website to load faster. Its DDoS attack protection service can stop attacks like distributed denial of service attacks and SQL injection attacks. A web application firewall can find and block bad traffic from web applications to protect websites from attacks.

Cloudflare also offers SSL certificates, which can protect user data and provide encrypted connections to customers’ websites. Customers can use domain name resolution services to manage their DNS records and provide DNSSEC security functions to prevent DNS hijacking and fraud.

Cloudflare benefits from NameSilo’s domain name resolution

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By resolving NameSilo’s domain name to Cloudflare, the following benefits are possible:

Improve website performance: Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider that caches and distributes your website content to servers all over the world, allowing your website to load faster. Cloudflare also has some tools, like GZIP compression and image optimization, that can help improve the speed of a website even more.

Better security: Cloudflare has security features like DDoS protection, a web application firewall, SSL certificates, and anti-spam filtering. These features can help protect your website from cyberattacks and other bad things that people might do.

Cloudflare has a simple control panel that lets you manage your domains and websites. To monitor and optimize website performance, you can easily add, edit, and delete DNS records, as well as use other tools.

In conclusion, pointing NameSilo’s domain name to Cloudflare can improve the speed and security of your website and give you a better management and monitoring tool that makes it easier to run your website.

Methods for resolving NameSilo’s domain name with Cloudflare

The following steps are required to resolve NameSilo’s domain name with Cloudflare:

1. Add the domain name that NameSilo will be using in Cloudflare.

If you don’t already have a Cloudflare account, create one here: After registering, go to the home page and click “Add a Site” to add the domain name to be resolved.

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Enter the domain name you want to host with Cloudflare, such as

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Then select a package, usually the free Cloudflare package.

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Cloudflare will scan the domain name’s existing DNS records, which you can keep, add to, or delete (continue directly if you don’t exit this page).

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Then, as instructed by Cloudflare, modify the nameserver information.

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2. Make changes to the NameSilo nameserverthe official record.

Log in to the official NameSilo website, click Manage My Domains in the upper right corner, select the domain name for which you want to change the NS record, and then click Change Nameservers.

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The following step is to replace the first two DNS addresses with Cloudflare’s nameserver addresses and delete the third.

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Then, after clicking “submit, refresh the page to see that the corresponding domain name has been changed to the Nameserver record and the Namesilo domain name resolution is complete. After that, you no longer need to use NameSilo; instead, you only need to use Cloudflare.

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