Performance Max traffic share analysis of shopping ads

Analysis Of The Proportion Of Pmax Advertising Shopping

Google Performance Max supports all of Google’s ad formats, including shopping ads, search ads, display ads, video ads, discovery ads, and others. Prior to the launch of Pmax ads, the conversion effect of shopping ads was undeniably the best, but there are exceptions, and we believe that the conversion effect of shopping ads is better in general. But since we can’t change the layout of Pmax ads by hand, we might be more interested in seeing how much traffic goes from our Pmax ads to the shopping ad layout.

Let me show you how to use Performance Max to calculate the traffic share of shopping ad space.

We find the report we want in the ad backend by following this path: Reports — Predefined Reports Shopping – Shopping – Item ID.

Performance Max Traffic Share Analysis

First, we change the icon style in the upper right corner to “Tree Table,” and then we select the time period we want to view, as shown in the screenshot, which is a report for the last 7 days. We select Day in the report’s row, and we can select the indicators we want to see in the report’s column, such as clicks and impressions.

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Then, in Filter, we filter out the Pmax ads, search for campaign type, and select performance max.

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Similarly, in Filter, we search for item ID performance by entering the filter condition as greater than 0. The report is then downloaded as Report 1.

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Then, we eliminate the only filtered criteria, item ID performance (clicks greater than 0). Only keep the Performance Max campaign type. The report is then downloaded as Report 2.

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Finally, we summarize the data from Reports 1 and 2 by day as a latitude and longitude category, or we analyze it with a pivot table, and we can compare the difference between these two reports and get the percentage of advertising space for shopping ads.

The amount of traffic that goes to each type of Performance Max ad cannot be changed by hand, but it does depend on how we target the ads and what content and audience signals we give. If we set a higher tROAS, the system will favor ad types and audiences with higher conversion rates. the traffic share of various ad formats. The system will keep trying to reach the goal we set, so we don’t have to worry about how much traffic different ad formats get.

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