Using Search Themes to Improve Google Ads Performance

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Staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of digital advertising is critical to attracting relevant visitors and conversions. Google Ads has rolled out a beta tool dubbed “search themes” within Performance Max campaigns, providing marketers with a new method to use their expertise and steer Google AI toward undiscovered prospects.

What Exactly Are Search Themes?

Search themes are a collection of terms or subjects that you supply to Google AI to assist in identifying and targeting potential clients who are looking for what your company has to offer. This functionality is especially useful if:

Your landing pages need to be improved to provide detailed, up-to-date information about your products or services.

You’re entering new markets or releasing new products without a track record of success.

You’re launching promotions or sales for upcoming events, such as the holiday season.

You want to increase your reach inside Performance Max, assuring comprehensive coverage of key business topics.

How to Incorporate Search Themes into Your Campaign

Choose your campaign: Navigate to your Performance Max campaign from the left-side panel of your Google Ads account.

Edit Asset Group: Go to ‘Campaigns,’ then ‘Asset Group,’ and finally the pencil symbol next to “Signals.”

Add search themes: Select ‘Search themes’ from the “Signals” card and enter up to 25 unique themes that match your company’s and customers’ search habits.

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Best Search Theme Practices

Relevance: Select themes closely relevant to your company’s offers to ensure better targeting. Avoid identical subjects such as “car” and “automobile,” as they target the same audience.

Compliance: Ensure that all themes adhere to Google Ads Policies and that brand exclusions are respected.

Use automatically generated assets: To supplement your search themes, use automatically generated assets and follow Performance Max’s best practices.

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The Influence of Search Themes

When you integrate search themes, you direct Google AI to prioritize these topics across all Google Ads inventory, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, Maps, and Display. This comprehensive strategy lets you capture audiences based on their search behavior, independent of channel.

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Observing and adjusting

Google Ads delivers insights into the search categories that your ads match, as well as conversion results. This information allows you to fine-tune your themes and techniques.

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The Search Themes of the Future

Google will automatically update your existing custom segments based on search behavior to search themes in early 2024. With the release of search themes, you will no longer be able to add or update custom segments in Performance Max based on previous search activity. Interest-based custom segments will remain available.

Based on early feedback, Google intends to improve search term insights and search theme advice in early 2024. This will assist advertisers in better understanding the outcomes and effects of their chosen topics.


Will search themes impose a limit on my traffic? No, they are intended to generate new traffic.

How many search themes am I allowed to add? Maximum of 25 per asset group.

Are search themes required? No, they are not required, but they are advantageous.

Can I uninstall themes? Yes, you can change or delete them as needed.

You can dramatically increase the reach and efficiency of your Performance Max ads by using search themes. Stay tuned for additional Google improvements and make the most of this capability to boost your advertising success.

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