Shopify Review: Is it your best choice?

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Since its founding in 2006, Shopify has grown quickly from a basic snowboard sales platform to a major player in the world of e-commerce. Over 17,500 companies from all over the world currently use Shopify as their e-commerce platform. The amount of online transactions processed by Shopify in 2021 was an astounding $795 billion. Over 500 million customers are anticipated to shop with Shopify businesses by the year 2022.

 Additionally, Shopify successfully manages over 2.5 million websites and commands a 30% market share in the US. Notably, Shopify’s official app store has over 8,000 apps, giving businesses a wide range of features and functionalities and further boosting its abilities in e-commerce. With an average order value of $84, Shopify’s mobile store traffic is 81% from mobile devices, demonstrating the platform’s tremendous appeal in the mobile e-commerce space.

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For individuals who are unfamiliar with independent platforms, Shopify is the best option because it provides an easy e-commerce experience. Even without any prior technological knowledge, setting up a business is simple because of its easy interface design. Merchants may simply add features and tools because of its strong ecosystem and do so without worrying about stability or security. In essence, Shopify gives newcomers a worry-free launch platform, so they can concentrate on driving sales and developing their brands.

Shopify, a top-tier international e-commerce platform, provides the following benefits:

1. User-Friendly: Even e-commerce newbies can easily develop and manage their online store thanks to Shopify’s user-friendly interface.

2. Powerful Features: Shopify provides a number of tools, such as customer relationship management, order processing, and inventory management, to help with effective business operations.

3. Rich App Shop: Shopify’s app shop has over 8,000 apps, which retailers can choose from and install based on their needs to expand the functionality of their store.

4. Mobile Optimization: Since 81% of Shopify traffic originates from mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets will run smoothly.

5. Shopify offers SSL certificates, ensuring the security of online transactions. Its 99.98% uptime ensures store stability.

6. Flexible Payment Options: Shopify accepts a number of payment methods, such as PayPal, credit cards, and others, giving customers an easy purchase experience.

7. Shopify has global support for numerous languages, currencies, and tax settings, making it simple to enter markets abroad.

8. SEO and Marketing Tools: Shopify provides several SEO tools to improve its online presence. To draw in and keep clients, it also offers email marketing, coupons, and discounts.

9. 24/7 Customer Support: Shopify’s customer service team is always reachable by phone, email, or live chat.

10. Customizability: Although Shopify provides a number of pre-made templates, retailers can completely alter the look and features of their stores to suit their own branding needs.

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Here are a few actual Shopify case studies that shed light on how the company helps companies overcome obstacles and succeed:

100% Pure (

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A company called 100% Pure is committed to creating the healthiest, purest cosmetics. They strongly oppose using substances that are poisonous or irritating in their goods and only use natural ingredients. The company’s objective is to provide pure, healthy products with a focus on social and environmental responsibility.

Challenge: Manually overseeing sales and special events got more difficult as the company expanded.

Role of Shopify: By automating its sales and events with Shopify, 100% Pure was able to save a lot of time and money.

Saved the staff hundreds of hours per year, allowing them to concentrate on other important business tasks.

2 Chainz (

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The well-known American rapper 2 Chainz His most recent music, music videos, tour dates, and chances for fan involvement are all displayed on his official website. Additionally, there is a store section on the website where customers can purchase 2 Chainz-approved CDs and apparel.

Challenge: Inventory management and risk management became the main challenges as the product range grew.

Shopify’s role: 2 Chainz used Shopify Plus to streamline inventory management and lower the likelihood of overstock and shortages.

The successful creation of products with a million-dollar market value while lowering inventory risks is the result.

Active Truth (

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Australian high-performance sportswear company Active Truth is dedicated to offering top-notch gear for women of all sizes, shapes, and life stages. Stevie and Nadia, both new mothers who were frustrated by the lack of appropriate sportswear on the market, founded the company. The vast product selection offered by Active Truth includes plus-size and maternity apparel. They are adamantly opposed to photoshopping female models and work to present a varied range of female photographs. Active Truth also contributes to organizations like Share the Dignity and the Body Image Movement.

Challenge: Order volume and website traffic increased as brand familiarity increased, but conversion rates lagged behind.

Shopify’s role: To optimize its online store and improve the customer experience, Active Truth used Shopify’s tools and tactics.

Website traffic doubled, order volume tripled, and the conversion rate rose by 46%, all of which contributed to a considerable rise in business.

These are but a few illustrations. Actually, this link offers 901 case studies from actual Shopify customers that discuss their company’s difficulties and results after using the platform.

These case studies provide persuasive evidence that Shopify is more than just an e-commerce platform and that it can help companies overcome obstacles to success.

A top-tier international e-commerce platform called Shopify provides you with a one-stop shop for everything from creating an online store to handling payments and inventory. It is the best option for both small businesses and established corporations because of its potent features, flexibility, and user friendliness. Shopify offers the tools and resources you require, whether you are a beginner or an established merchant, to help you realize your e-commerce ambitions. Now, sign up for Shopify using my personal link to take advantage of a unique free trial and start your e-commerce career!

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