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It is a new inventory on YouTube that Google just put up. It is made for short vertical videos. You can watch the short video on the homepage by pressing the push button, or by going to the Shorts tab. It’s similar to TikTok. It can also be placed in the Shorts placement for Google video ads, so this is not a new ad type, but a new ad placement. You can learn more about Google Video Ads by clicking here. This article primarily introduces some unique short video content.

What is Youtube Shorts

What Is Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows creators to create videos of up to 60 seconds in length. These videos can be recorded in the YouTube app directly or uploaded from the user’s camera roll. The feature was designed to compete with TikTok, a popular platform for short-form video content. Similar features, such as music and video editing tools, are available on YouTube Shorts to help you create engaging and entertaining content.

YouTube Shorts has been popular with users since its launch in September 2020, and YouTube has been actively promoting it, encouraging creators to create content for the platform. In addition, YouTube announced a $100 million fund to help creators monetize their Shorts content.

How to Create Youtube Shorts 

1. Open the YouTube mobile app and tap the authoring icon (+) in the bottom center of the homepage to begin. Select “Create Short Video” from the “Create” submenu.

2. You can edit pre-shot clips from your mobile phone’s photo album.

3. Popular music can be added to Shorts.

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4. You can also add a background to your video, which can be a green screen or a picture from your photo album.

5. Finally, give your video titles and tags. It is recommended to include the tag #Shorts, which aids the algorithm’s recommendation.

Guidelines for YouTube Shorts  Assets

Horizontal video to vertical version

1. If your horizontal video contains data, please analyze the video’s data performance and edit the clips with better performance.

2. Fill in the upper and lower blank areas of the horizontal video with product, brand, or selling point information.

3. The video length should be kept between 15 and 30 seconds.

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Voice over your video

Google has provided us with two free and simple audio tools to use. One example is YouTube’s audio library. You can quickly access the page by using the link To add background music to your videos, you can use music from YouTube’s audio library for free.

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Also, if your video requires dubbing, You can use the “voice-over” feature in your Google Ads account to dub your video. You can quickly and easily dub your video in one step.

1. You can quickly access the page by typing into your browser. Select Video – You can import the dubbed video from YouTube or the ad’s creative assets.

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2. Select “Enhance video” after importing the video.

3. Set the content you need to dub. The original video volume can be adjusted using the Video volume control in the upper right corner. In Voice-over, you can customize the language, voice, and volume of your dubbing. Enter the text to be dubbed and the time the dubbing will begin in Voice-over messages. After you’ve made your selection, click “load preview” to see the dubbed video. Finally, press the “Create Video” button to finish.

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4. Share the video. You can save the dubbed video to your creative asset library or your YouTube channel. In the “Video name” field, enter the name of your video.

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5. Wait for the upload to finish.

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YouTube Trends

A big part of whether or not your video will get people to watch it is whether or not the content is relevant to the traffic at the time. Google’s YouTube trends can be a useful resource. It is accessible at

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YouTube video style

YouTube videos have eight common video styles: listicle, explainer, commentary, interview, music video, challenge, reaction, and narratives. You can combine popular video styles and topics to create your own video style by combining different video styles.


A listicle YouTube video is a type of video that presents information in the form of a list. These videos, which are usually titled “Top 10 Tips for a Better Sleep” or “5 Best Places to Visit in Europe,” will walk you through the information step by step.

Because they are often concise, informative, and visually appealing, listicle videos are popular on YouTube. They can cover a wide range of topics, from entertainment and lifestyle to education and news. The format can also support a variety of styles, such as animated videos, vlogs, and interviews.

Listicle videos help people quickly understand a topic and get information in a way that is easy to understand. They can also assist content creators in increasing engagement and driving traffic to their channel.


An explanation YouTube video is a video designed to explain a concept, product, or service in an easy-to-understand manner. Most of the time, these videos use animation, graphics, and narration to break down complicated topics into easy-to-understand chunks of information.

Explainer videos are usually made to teach and inform viewers while also keeping them interested and entertained. They often use a conversational tone and a clear, short script to help the audience get the main idea of what they are talking about.


A YouTube video commentary is a video in which the creator talks about how they feel about a certain topic or event. It can be about anything from current events to pop culture, and the people who make it often give their own unique take on the topic.

Commentary videos are popular on YouTube because they let creators say what they want and get to know their audience. They also allow viewers to learn about new topics or gain new perspectives on old ones.


An interview A YouTube video is a video in which the creator interviews one or more guests. These videos can be educational, entertaining, and interesting because they show people how interesting people live and what they do.

In YouTube interviews, people from all walks of life talk about their latest projects or share their knowledge and insights. They can also be used to highlight people’s everyday stories, highlighting their unique experiences.

Music video

A music video is a type of video that features a song or musical performance. Music videos have been around since the early days of MTV and have grown in popularity on YouTube. You can use these videos to promote a new song or album. They often have visuals that go with the music.

YouTube music videos can be anything from simple performances of songs to complicated movies with plots. They can also incorporate dance, art, and fashion elements.


A challenge video is a piece of video content in which the creator challenges or challenges others to complete a task. These videos are fun and interesting because they often show people doing creative and sometimes silly things.

YouTube challenge videos cover a wide range of topics, from physical challenges like eating a specific food to mental challenges like solving puzzles or answering trivia questions. They can also be funny, like prank challenges or challenges where people have to dress up in funny costumes.


Creators of reactive videos respond to a piece of content, such as a video, song, or news story. These videos are popular because they allow viewers to see and hear other people’s reactions to things they may have seen or heard themselves.

YouTube reaction videos can be anything from watching and talking about the person who made a viral video or meme to reacting to a new trailer for an upcoming movie or TV show. You can also use them to talk about current events or give your opinion on things that are controversial.


Narrative video is a type of video content that visually tells a story or presents a narrative. These videos can be either fiction or nonfiction, and they often use story, cinematography, and music to tell interesting stories.

On YouTube, narrative videos can take many forms, ranging from short films to documentaries. They can tell stories that teach, inspire, or entertain, and the characters and settings are often familiar and interesting.

Youtube Shorts Ads creation

It was also mentioned earlier that YouTube Shorts is a new inventory, not a new type of campaign. As a result, the specific operation and introduction can be found in the previous video ads tutorial. The purpose of this section is primarily to introduce the issues that must be addressed when establishing the placement of Shorts.

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As shown in the figure above, in the device settings, we must select the mobile phone and select Android and iOS, so that the advertisement appears as much as possible in the short video placements. There are also some best practices for your reference.

1. Create VAC, then select Mobile Android and iOS.

2. It is suggested that you make a series of 10 vertical videos that are each about 20 seconds long on average.

3. Exclude Content Not Labeled, Gaming and other irrelevant items.

4. Limit the number of times each user is exposed per day so that one user is not exposed too many times.

5. It is recommended that the conversion target be a shallow conversion such as add-to-cart.

6. Suggestions from the audience At least 8-15 audiences with similar interests

The information above is about YouTube Shorts. Please see Google Video Ads Tutorial for more video ad content.

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